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NPA 2014 dues are due on December 1, 2013. Please mail dues to:

Zelma Goldsby
NPA Corresponding Secretary
818 Lynwood Drive
Montgomery, AL 36111
(334) 288-7613




Current News

NPA Committee Chairs

Audit - Roxanne Robinson, rrobinsongh@yahoo.com 
Bylaws - Joseph Turpin, no email address 
Fundraising - Patricia Bailey, patricialbailey@yahoo.com
Infractions - Arlene Avent, arleneavent@bellsouth.net
Membership - Tweed Savage
, tweed12@att.net
Tournament - Alice Cannon Scott, icove411@aol.com
R&E - Ricardo Randle
, ricardorandle@bellsouth.net
Rainbow - Terri Walker,
Website - Letha Martin,




Recent News

Special Committees

Parliamentarian: Kenneth McCants

Scholarship:  Gwen Harris

Sponsorship:  Videssa Woods, videssa.a.woods@hud.gov





About Us

NPA is an organization that promotes the game of pinochle and creates opportunities for friendship, goodwill and social development.  NPA has six (6) sanctioned tournaments throughout the year.  A sanctioned tournament is hosted by a NPA Chapter and only NPA members can play in these tournaments.  However, some Chapters host non-sanctioned tournaments throughout the year.  Any Pinochle player can attend a non-sanctioned tournament.  Please see Tournament Information for upcoming sanctioned and non-sanctioned tournaments.

NPA is currently seeking new membership and encourages pinochle groups of four (4) members or more to become a NPA Chapter. You can submit your application for membership by filling out a Membership Application and forwarding to Zelma Goldsby, Corresponding Secretary at zgoldsby@zol.com.  Click HERE on NPA Forms to download the Application. There is a $25 membership fee and yearly NPA dues are $20 per member.


NPA Chapters

NPA has various chapters throughout the United States.  We invite you to visit a NPA Chapter in your area or visiting area:

THESE CHAPTERS HAVE NO SPECIFIC STATE LOCATION.  The purpose is for players to be a part of NPA  to play in tournaments.
   U.S.A. Pinochle Society, Contact Joe Green (President) at 1946joegreen.gmail.com    
  The Cudas Pinochle Club, Contact Tweed Savage (President), tweed12@att.net      
  Title Town USA, Contact Martha Vaughn (President), mv7204@bellsouth.net        
  Empire State, Contact Donna Oliver (President), dso8315@bellsouth          
  Birmingham Birmingham Pinochle Association, Contact Emanuel Toodle (President), sweett5@bellsouth.net
  Montgomery: Montgomery Pinochle Pals (MPP), Contact Ricardo Rangle (President), ricardorandle@bellsouth.net
  Jackson: Magnolia Pinochle Club, Contact Shelton Swanier (President0, swanier@jsums.edu  
  Apple Valley: Victor Valley Pinochle Coub, Contact Peggy Moore (President), peggymoore222@verizon.net
  Los Angeles: West Coast Best, Contact Jacob Green, Jr. (President), chopchop78@aol.com`  
  Los Angeles: LA Superstargs, Contact Michele Askernesese (Contact Person), askmykie@sbcglobal.net
  Ramonda: The California Conquistadors, Rene Payne (President), perfectu@verizon.net    
DC / Maryland                  
  DC: Metro Pinochle Club, Contact Delores Thornton (President), dthorn1030338_71@msn.com
  DC: Six Plus Six Pinochle Club, Contact Sondra Blakey (President), blakeys@verizon.net  
  DC: Washington National Pinochle Club, Contact Ernest Barber (President), ernestbarber4218@comcast.net
  Baltimore: Trump Tight, Contact Pat Sears (President), psears60@yahoo.com      
  DC: Pinochle Champs, Contact Bernie Walker (President), jwalker745@aol.com    
  Baltimore: Baltimore Bidwell, Contact Yvonne Riggs (President), ycyriggs@aol.com    
  Baltimore: Charm City Players, Contact Roberta Johnson (President) pinochlepro@msn.com  
  DC: DC Players, Contact Sandra Dargan (President) ladydee25@verizon.net    
  Dover: 1st State Pros, Contact Don Miller (President), donritam@comcast.net    
  Debary:  Aces Around Pinochle Club, Contact Thomas Jenkins (President), acesaround@gmail.com`
  Ft. Pierse: Y2K Pinocle Club, Contact Joelene Hayling,, (President), mjhayling@gmail.com  
  Jackson: Jacksonville Pinochle Club, Contact Kevin Kelly (President), deaconkelly@att.net  
  Miami:   Awesome Chastisers Progressive Pinochle Enterprise Inc., Contact Membership Chair at tweed12@att.net
  Miami:   Magis City, Contact Membership Chair at tweed12@att.net        
  Tampa: Sunshine Pinochle Club, Contact Bruce Kunkel (President), blkcountryboy@yahoo.com  
  Savannah: Savannah Intimidators, Contact Membership Chair at tweed12@att.net    
  Augusta: Master City Players, Contact Membership Chair at tweed12@att.net      
  Augusta: Augusta Pinocle Club, Contact Julie Casey-Hudson (President), casey40@bellsouth.net
  Augusta: Pips of Augusta, Contact Suzette Goggans (President), goggs813@yahoo.com  
  Keysville: 4 Love of Pinochle, Contact Beaulah Mayers (President), bhmayers@hotmail.com  
  Atlanta Atlanta Pinochle Association (APA), Contact Videssa Woods (President), videssa.a.woods@hud.gov
  Atlanta: Ivory Pinochle Club,  Contact Art Schurry (President), artscurry@yahoo.com    
  Atlanta Atlanta Metropolitan Pinochle Society (AMPs), Contact Lena Reid-Morrow (President), lynorayal@yahoo.com
  Atlanta: The Renegade Pinochle Club, Contact Shirley Bevel (Contact Person), shirley_bevel@bellsouth.net
  Columbus: Columbus Pinochle Club, Contact James Garnett (President), garn54518@aol.com  
  Atlanta: Double Run Pinochle Club, Contact Elsie  Jefferson (President), elsiejefferson@hotmail.com
  Lawrenceville: Top of he Rock Pinochle Club, Contact Tyrone Hodnett (President), tmhodnett@bellshouth.net
  Riverdale: Riverdale Pinochle Club, Contact Renee Walker (President), nee2042004@yahoo.com  
  Louisville: Derby City Queens & Jacks, Contact Robert Heser (President), blueeye1905@gmail.com
NORTH CAROLINA                  
  Rocky Mount: Oasis Pinochle Club, Contact Gwendolyn Griffin (Contact Person), mamanette@aol.com
  Charlotte: Queen City Players, Contact Arlene Avent (President), arleneavent@bellsouth.net  
  Fayetteville: NC Sandhill Pinochle Club, Contact Rose English (President), satche405@nc.rr.com  
  Detroit Russ Raiders of Detroit, Contact Ricard Fulkner (President), rfsmooth@msn.com  
  Detroit: The Elite Motown Pinochle Club, Contact Aaron Pugh (President), apughworks@aol.com
  Cleveland: Kings and Queens, contact Membership Chair at tweed12@att.net      
  Columbus: Bucks and Does Double Deck Club, Contact Robert Spivey (President), rspivey1@aol.com
  Cleveland: Great Lakes Pinochle Club, contact Membership Chair at tweed12@att.net    
  Cincinnati: Cincinnati Yellow Jacks, Contact Vivian Wallace (President), vwallace@yahoo.com  
  Pittsburgh: Pitttsburgh Stealers Pinochle Club, Contact Elise Barr (President), askelise@hotmail.com
SOUTH CAROLINA                  
  Columbia: Columbia Enforcers, Contact Membership Chair at tweed12@att.net      
  Antioch: Tennessee Knuckologists, Contact Harriet Fultz (President), sissy_9@peoplepc.com  
  Memphis: Memphis Outkast Pinochle Club, Contact Beatrice Cain (President), beatricecn@aol.com
  Richmond: 31-19 Pinochle Club, Contact James Hinton (President), james.hinton25@yahoo.com  
  Hampton: Tidwater Knucks, Contact Maurice Cooper (Contact), m123coop1@verizon.net  
  Hampton Roads: Young Guns Pinochle Club, Contact Shamese Love (President), jread5@yahoo.com  
  Petersburg: All Rise Pinochle Club, Contact Membership Chair at tweed12@att.net    
  Richmond: 20 Plus Pinochle Club, Contact Carolyn Taylor (Contact Person), vaqueen56@yahoo.com
  Amelia: Amelia Tri-Cities Pinochle Club, Contact Joyce Medley (President), joycemedley@aol.com

NPA Officers

President, Michael "Mike" Vasquez vasqueeeze@yahoo.com

Vice President, Homer "Rick" Rickerson, rickpinochle@aol.com

Corresponding Secretary, Zelma Goldsby, zgoldsby@aol.com

Recording Secretary, Elise Barr  askelise@hotmail.com

Treasurer, Peter Allen, allendog10@yahoo.com

National Tournament Director, Alice Cannon Scott, icove411@aol.com