World Series of Pinochle Championship Rules

(Revised 1/9/14)

The NTD received tons of suggestions, complaints, and concerns; therefore, the following rules have been amended to give all participates a better chance at winning.

  1. NPA Tournament Rules will be enforced.
  2. The World Series of Pinochle (WSP) is a Round Robin Elimination Format
  3. 64+ players are needed for this tournament because of the format
  4. All participants must have played one sanctioned tournament during the year to qualify.
  5. Pre-invitations have been given out to winners from all Sanctioned Tournaments.
  6. The day of the tournament, the committee will invite 3+ subs and/or alternates to make sure we have a total of 64+ players to make tables complete.
  7. Order of Play
    • First Round: The first 64 registered participants will be assigned to a table
    • Thereafter, at each table, winning players will pull for high and low card, loosing players will draw for high and low cards. High cards will play with each other and low cards will play with each other. In case of a tie, players will redraw until they have high and low cards.
    • At each table, every one will deal ONLY once. All players are required to sign off on the score sheet (at the bottom). Winners move. Losers remain at the table, but do not play with each other again. Everyone draws for high and low cards.
    • Everyone will play at least 6 games. Total scores will be kept for each player. Elimination will begin after Game 6. The top 8 players will go to the Semi-Final. Top 8 players will be assigned to Table 1 and 2. Everyone will deal once. Winners move to Final Table. Losers leave the room.
    • This elimination process continues until there are only 4 players at the last table. At the last table, players will each deal once and the highest score determines the winner.
    • Winners are placed on the Round Robin board for table assignment so that there are no mistakes. Players must check BOARD for table assignments after each round. Players are disqualified if they play at the WRONG table.
  8. There will be 1 or more NON-PLAYING referees appointed by NTD.
  9. Rounds are 30 minutes followed by a 5 minute break. Round means all 4 players deal once and play the hand. If late returning from break, player will be disqualified by the NTD.
  10. Any emergency (sickness/extended bathroom breaks) must be approved and reported to the NTD.

These rules may be amended at the discretion of the National Tournament Director (NTD)/or NTD Designee. NTD/or Designee has final ruling in all matters. Failure to comply with the rules will be cause for disqualification.